Beyond Ynth
Client: FDG Entertainment

The Product:

Embark on an epic adventure that will take you beyond anything you have ever experienced before! This is the story of Kribl, a little bug on a big journey to bring light back to the Kingdom of Kriblonia. Help him to successfully traverse unexplored terrifying territories and find all the light-giving Dazzly Diamonds that were stolen by the Four Dark Spiders of the Apocalypse!



A much simpler previous game mechanic existed (see the original Ynth). My responsibility was to come up with a totally new identity for the sequel.

This included character designs and animations, artwork for scenery and in-game assets, interface and menu designs/layout, hand-drawn illustrations for the storybook, storybook authoring, contributing to the game concept as a whole, build-assets, sprites, icon design, logo design, and all graphics.

I liaised with the developers and passed final build-assets on to them for coding.

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IMGA, 7th International Mobile Gaming Awards – Overall Winner in all categories: "Grand Prix / Game Of The Year", beating other such highly-rated competitors as Infinity Blade and Plants vs Zombies.

IMGA, 7th International Mobile Gaming Awards – Winner in the "Excellence In Gameplay" category.

Featured in Gizmodo's "This Week's Best Apps" section.

Peaked at position no. 1 on the iTunes App Store, Top Free Apps chart (all categories).

Featured by Apple on the App Store in the following categories:

  • Benchmark Games: Outstanding Titles That Set A New Standard – Innovative Gameplay
  • App Store Essentials
  • Huggable Heroes
  • Popular Puzzlers
  • Games For Your New iPhone
  • Featured iPad Game Center Games
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