Chicken Raid
Client: FDG Entertainment

The Product:

A rowdy chicken gang is squatting on your property, and they don't plan on leaving anytime soon. Getting too close them would be a bad idea! Break objects and cause hilarious chain-reactions which will ultimately fry the chickens!



A much simpler previous online free Flash game existed. My responsibility was to come up with a totally new identity for the iOS version.

This included character designs and animations, artwork for scenery and in-game assets, interface and menu designs/layout, contributing to the game concept, build-assets, sprites, icon design, logo design, all graphics. Liaising with the developers and passed on to coder for build.

App-Store Links:

View a video preview of the app
Interactive: View character animations
Interactive: View Menus Interface user journey


Featured by Apple on the App Store in the "What's Hot" category.

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